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Successful-Traders Team already has enough long history of development, which positively characterizes our activities and relationships with customers. In 2010, our first traders, London Business School graduates have combined their knowledge and skills to trade on the Forex market. Over the next few years, several strategies have been developed for the classical intraday trading. This allowed us to increase the deposit and open accounts with major world brokers and dealing centers, thereby diversifying the non-trading risks. Profitable and long-term business is requiring good knowledge and skills of people who are professionals in the field of activity in which they involved. That's why Successful-Traders Team is trying to engage for the office work only experienced experts. The core of our company, of course, is the traders and managers of financial assets. In developing the concept of cooperation with customers and research investment market, we have qualified online marketers. Taking our investment terms you can be sure that you are dealing with real professionals, who are ready at any moment to provide the necessary information support to solve any of your problems or answer your questions. Below you can see a part of our team, the people who made possible and real the idea of forming an investment company that is profitable not only for Successful-Traders Team but also you, our loyal clients. Since 2014, our team provides asset management services for UK citizens. However, we get a lot of inquiries from investors from around the world to take control of their funds for trading. This fact led us to the decision on registration of the company called Successful-Traders Team Limited, which we did in March 2017:


Today, we are ready to offer cooperation to all investors, regardless of their country of residence. Registration of the company allows us to act within the law, and guarantees you a full return of investments. Join Successful-Traders Team Ltd to get the most out of highly profitable Forex trading!



SUCCESSFUL-TRADERS TEAM LTD is a Legal and Registered Company.


Company Registration Number : 10688028



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Started: Apr 4, 2017
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